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Making Civility Great Again
Improving Face to Face Communication in an Age of Chaos


Making Civility Great Again directly addresses the problems and issues that are the sources of divisiveness and chaos in America today. Equally important, it describes numerous ways to communicate with greater civility with others, especially those whose views are much different from yours.


In doing so, Making Civility Great Again shows you how to be more diplomatic, assertive, and empathetic with people you know well and people with whom you interact casually. This book gives you numerous examples and suggestions for dealing successfully with challenging communication situations whether you and your communication partners are exchanging views on personal matters, workplace issues, or political views. It also provides valuable tips for becoming a better listener; avoiding communication roadblocks; and managing your anger appropriately for more civil and productive discussions with people you encounter on a daily basis.


Making Civility Great Again will definitely improve your civility as you communicate with others and, in the process, your example will inspire people to become more civil in their everyday activities. And, most of all, this book will ensure you contribute to making civility great again in the United States!


WCCA TV "Soapbox" Interview with Mauro DePasquale, Host, and Kim Kerrigan

 and Steven Wells, authors of Making Civility Great Again.

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Excerpts from Making Civility Great Again

By Kim Kerrigan and Steven Wells


From Making Civility Great Again January 21, 2019


Bullying—The Antithesis of Civility





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