Sound Advice for Successful Writing: Creating Powerful E-Mails and Letters in Today's Workplace


Sound Advice for Successful Writing is a compilation of principles and guidelines we have promoted in our writing workshops and books for over twenty-five years. In publishing this latest book, we offer you a straightforward guide to help you become more confident, competent, and creative in composing your e-mails, letters, and other forms of written communication.

All 18 chapters in Sound Advice for Successful Writing support the you viewpoint of writing, a writing philosophy we have strongly endorsed while working with companies and organizations throughout the United States and Mexico. When you employ the you viewpoint of writing, you continually place the focus of your correspondence on your readers and ensure they receive your messages in an understandable and receptive manner.

Quite simply, Sound Advice for Successful Writing contains so many writing ideas, tips, and methods that you will continually use it to expand and enrich both your personal and professional correspondence. And, ultimately, this book will be your most practical and effective tool for making all of your writing come alive!


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Copyright © 2017 by Kim Kerrigan and Steven Wells.


Published by Corporate Classrooms ISBN-13: 9 978-0972225090


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Punctuation and Language Usage Made Easy: Concise Grammar Guidelines for Busy Professionals


Punctuation and Language Usage Made Easy: Grammar Guidelines for Busy Professionals is just that—a grammar and writing primer for you, a current or soon-to-be workplace professional, with limited time for extended language skills study. Within the covers of this small book are essential guidelines that provide you with simple explanations and colorful examples whenever you need immediate help perfecting your e-mails, letters, and documents.

Whether you consider yourself a fairly proficient business writer—or a person who approaches business writing as a tedious task—Punctuation and Language Usage Made Easy will be an indispensable tool for you. This little book, in short order, will accomplish big things for you as you strive to be  clear, concise, and competent in all of your business correspondence. And, best of all, you will achieve these goals as you continue to save time and frustration as a busy professional!


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Copyright © 2016 by Kim Kerrigan and Steven Wells.


Published by Corporate Classrooms ISBN-13: 978-0972225007


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GET A GRIP ON BUSINESS WRITING: Critical Skills for Success in Today's Workplace

Get a Grip on Business Writing  can be used as a self-study program, reference manual, or both. The eighteen lessons in this book (each containing three self-correcting writing exercises) show you how to incorporate the you viewpoint style of writing to create vibrant, effective, and correct e-mails and letters. By applying the easy-to-use six steps of the you viewpoint to your correspondence, all of your professional writing will become more animated and stimulating for your readers.

Get on Business Writing is unlike most books in several ways. Notably, it draws extensively on your current writing skills as well as your individual personality to help you refine your business writing skills. It also demonstrates how to use both your unique writing voice and personality in original ways to produce dynamic correspondence that truly influences others in today's busy workplace.

And there is one other opportunity for you at the end of Get a Grip on Business Writing. You will receive eighteen valuable CEUs (Continuing Education Units) by successfully completing the final writing exercise. This exercise simply asks you to display your knowledge of the six-steps of the you viewpoint of writing in composing a typical workplace e-mail.

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Copyright © 2016 by Kim Kerrigan and Steven Wells.

Published by Corporate Classrooms ISBN-13: 978-0972225038

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WORDS FOR THE WISE: A Vocabulary Primer for the Precise Professional

Words for the Wise is a vocabulary primer for business professionals. It provides readers with a clear, concise, and practical definition of numerous words as they are most commonly used. Moreover, the coauthors of Words for the Wise have given concise examples of these works in contexts that will be easily recognized by readers.

This rich collection of words also explores the distinct difference between words that are often puzzling—even for well-educated people! So, whether you are a novice or seasoned wordsmith, Words for the Wise will quickly hasten your search for words that are most suited for your purpose as it enhances all of your oral and written communication.


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Copyright © 2016 by Kim Kerrigan and Steven Wells.


Published by Corporate Classrooms ISBN-13: 978-0972225021


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Mom in Her Own Words

Several years ago, Kim Kerrigan, the president and cofounder of Corporate Classrooms, created a memoir of his mother, Evelyn (Schneider) Kerrigan, from her letters written to him as well as numerous entries she made in a journal he gave to her. The letters and journal entries written by Evelyn Kerrigan draw on her vivid impressions of family, friends, and events that left an indelible mark on her from her early and middle-age years in her hometown of Clinton, Massachusetts to her later years in Eau Gallie, Florida.

Now, because of a surge in interest in memoir writing, Mr. Kerrigan has reissued his book Mom in Her Own Words. And he is also using this book as the basis of the memoir writing classes he is currently offering to people of all ages at libraries, senior centers, churches, and other community venues.

So, if you are someone who truly wants to share your written thoughts with others now (and in the future) and leave a permanent legacy of your life and your individual personality and experiences, Mom in Her Own Words will be immensely helpful to you. This practical and insightful book will not only motivate you to begin your own memoir. It will also ensure that your loved ones (and many others) truly know who you are, who you were, and what you want people to remember about you and your unique journey through life now and long after you are gone.


One additional bit of news regarding Mom In Her Own Words: Mr. Kerrigan recently began work on a new, full-length book (as yet untitled) expanding on the remarkable people, tragic incidents, and historic events that deeply affected Evelyn Kerrigan during her life. This new book is certain to fill you with admiration for a seemingly ordinary woman who faced extraordinary circumstances and met life head-on with an exceptional grace, optimism, and zest for life. Equally important, it is bound to inspire you with its many reminders of why each day of our life can and should be important.

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Copyright © 2016  Author by Evelyn Kerrigan & Edited by Kim Kerrigan


Published by Corporate Classrooms ISBN-13: 978-1545489031

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